Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Walker A Day....


Zoinks. Yesterday was the first day I had paid any real attention to the bottom half of my 'bad' leg... I've been so focused on the top half, when and where to bend etc., that I didn't really notice how thin my calve had gotten - in just 2 WEEKS. Mortified.

I've never had real shapely calves, and they've always been on the 'thin' side, but what little shape I did have is now gone! my left leg looks like a 10 year olds :(

I'm hoping they build back up as quickly as they disappeared...any words of encouragement from the hip chicks out there is GREATLY appreciated on this subject :)

All for now...may post again later.


Lauren said...

You will be surprised how quickly you regain strength and form in your leg once you start walking on it again. By month 4 (or so) your calf will look like nothing ever happened. I'll give you a call when Denise and I get back into town. I am sure by then you'll be really ready to get out of the house for an outing.

abnacy said...

hi rachel,
i'm jennie and having a RPAO in 2 days. Thanks for blogging the specifics, its helped a lot! Hope you recover quickly!!