Friday, October 10, 2008

2 Weeks...

2 weeks today since my operation, and what a difference 2 weeks can make.
If I think back to the week of the surgery and how I was in hospital in terms of appetite, getting around etc, it's a major change.

I realize I've not blogged much about my hip and what it feels like, so I'll attempt to describe some of that, for you folks who want to know.

My scar - which I guess is not yet really a scar and more of an incision with stitches and steri-strips on is about 7 inches long and runs pretty much the full length of the crease in the joint (when you sit down). It looks pretty neat and tidy from what I can see through the steri-strips and when it's healed much more and ready for broader viewing, I'll post a pic on the blog (and for those that are squeemish - well, just look away).

I do have a rather large patch (about the size of a good piece of steak!) on the outer part of my left thigh that is totally numb. Dr. Schrader had stated there was a potential of this happening, as there is a nerve that sits very close the surface of the skin that they can't always see when operating, and this can become damaged during the surgery. He also said that it often gradually comes back and reduces in size. I'm hoping for the latter. The most frustrating thing at the moment is that my leg is itching, and I can feel the itching...but I can't get any relief from scratching it, because I can't feel a damn thing...GRrrrr. Although, better a small patch to be numb, than not being able to feel or wiggle my toes!

Sleeping has been another challenge for me...I'm used to having a good 7-8 hours of sleep a night, and whilst I HAVE been sleeping, it's been broken and not terribly comfortable. I can only sleep on my back, as my leg has to be positioned at a 30-70 degree angle - which means it has to be propped up with 3 pillows. I've attempted twice to move onto my side , but even with pillows in between in my knees, the 'pull' on my left hip is just too much to it's back on the back.

PT has visited for the third time this week and I think my leg is getting more mobile and stronger as the days go by - she at least seemed pretty pleased with my progress (even though my blood pressure is still on the low side). I wish I could say the same for my wrists!, that walker takes it toll on your wrists and hands...especially when you're having to hoist your entire weight around.

Mom, Dad and I took our first trip 'out' yesterday - a big day. We only went to our local Target store but it seemed like a big adventure. Walker and wheelchair at the ready, we made it into Target and spent an hour or so wheeling around. I think one of the things that struck me the most is how much stuff you can't reach when you're sitting down. I guess if I had taken my 'grabber' with me, it would have been easier, but it was an eye opener for sure!

The evening excursion was even bigger and better. A trip to TDS (those in the know, will know). No margheritas for me, but tasty tacos and a nice evening 'out' instead of trying to find something half decent to watch on TV...
Of course, the end of the evening always finishes with the wonderful LOVINOX injections into my stomach (for blood thinning), but I'm even getting used to that now too. Only another couple of weeks of LOVINOX and anti-clot stocking wearing - and THAT day can't come soonn enough.

So, I think two weeks on, and I'm doing pretty well. My hip still feels incredibly fragile and just when I think it's not hurting, I move in a slight direction and gives me a sharp reminder of just what went on in there two weeks ago. I feel it will be sometime before I'm using my crutches, but I'm fine with that. One day at a time.

My good friend Amy popped round this morning with some goodies! a box of yummy bakery items from Alons and some trashy mags...perfect! I'm set now for a good few hours :) Thanks Amy it was great to see you!!

Jim just collected and dropped off my Disabled Parking Permit - so look out Lennox!

Just wanted to say thanks for all the continued well wishes and comments on my blog. It's so nice to know that so many people are reading it...


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