Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've seen the screws....and they are BIG

So today was my first visit with Dr. Schrader since I left hospital.
Jim and I trundled off there this morning, while mom and dad took a stroll up the road to the nearest mall area.

Dr. Schrader took a look at the incision (which I might add, only 1 steri-strip had fallen off to date) and swiftly proceeded to pull off ALL the steri-strips! I have to say, the location and 'neatness' of the incision is pretty fabulous. It's the neatest I've ever seen, so I'm pretty pleased about that! I will post pics once I have it moisturized and looking it's best :)

Once that was done, we headed off to XRAY, and then back to the room - all of about 5 minutes. Dr. Schrader came back in and put my charts up - the 'before' chart and the 'after' one. Needless to say it was easy to spot the 'after' chart, cause there are 3 WHOPPING screws in there and one smaller one...I reckon each one must be about 4 inches long. He showed us where the 3 'break/saw' points were and it's easy to understand why I felt as if I'd been hit by a truck in the first week.

The bone that had been cut and rotated looks really good, in the right place, and much more coverage over my femur - which is of course what we're going for here. He said that the bone had really not yet started to heal, but that the XRAY did show the early signs of 'healing activity' around the three breaks. All in all he said the incision looked really good, the screws and everything else is in the right place and I need to see him in 5 weeks time.

I'm bummed that I forgot to take a picture of my xray :( It totally skipped my mind until Jim mentioned it on the way out. I'll be sure to take one during my next visit, which will hopefully show fused bone!

I couldn't remember if he'd explained before the reason for the 30 - 70 degree restriction, so I asked again, and here it is for all you folks out there. You can't move your leg BELOW 30 degrees due to the fact that the quad muscle and tendons get detached and reattached during surgery, and anything less than 30 degrees may end up pulling and ultimately detaching the muscle again...can't stretch it out that far until its fully reattached itself. As for the 70 degrees, you shouldn't go beyond this because it can put too much pressure on the screws and they can shift the bone before it is fully fused. Now we know!

So, that's pretty much the update for today.

Mom and Dad just have one day left before they fly out tomorrow, and it's gone so fast :( They'll pass like ships in the night with Fon and Alex who are landing tomorrow just as Mom & Dad take off. It's Dad's birthday today, so we'll be heading out this evening for some tasty dinner.

So, I'm feeling good about where I'm at so far...scar looks good, bones & screws look good, taking fewer and fewer pain pills, feeling more mobile.

I'm glad I have those first 2 weeks behind me - and I couldn't have done it without my loving hubby Jim, and my wonderful parents.



Cass said...

The worst is behind you! Glad you're progressing as you should. It's funny how doctors give such different post-op instructions. I had no angle restrictions at all (and took full advantage of it), but was told that I couldn't move my leg for eight weeks unless someone moved it for me or I used a strap.
Hope everything continues to go well! Take it easy!

Big sis said...

although we speak on a regular basis it's always good to read your blog as our conversations tend to get carried away on other things! Well as you say Mom & Dad come home tomorrow and lil bro will be there to take over (well at least Alex will!!) and who knows by the time I get there you'll be hop, skipping & jumping !! X

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel

I have been keeping up to date with your progress but not been able to post comments but hopefully your little brother Jonathan has explained it correctly and you will get this message, You sound to be doing great, you are one brave lady!! Keep going, lots of love from Val. xx

jj said...

glad to find your blog - after 12 years of pain, two mis-diagnosed surgeries and one hip arthroscopy for a labral tear, I was told this morning that a PAO makes sense for me. I am trying to find out more about this from people that have gone through it - docs never tell you the reality about the aftermath! I was told eight weeks on crutches and I could start putting weight on it fairly soon after the srugery. does that sound right? can I ask where you had the surgery done?

Rachel said...

JJ - feel free to contact me via email: rachelcain@mindspring.com and we can chat more that way.

I had my surgery in Atlanta - by Dr. Tim Schrader.

Yes - 8 weeks easily on crutches...then you can move to 1, and start to bear weight - but not all of your weight...then I did another 4 weeks on one crutch and then got rid of them altogether. I was off crutches altogether at the 3 month mark - some people do it sooner..but I felt 'comfortable' and stable enough at that point to lose the final crutch.

So sorry to hear that you've been in pain for so long, but great to hear you've finally been diagnosed and given the option of a PAO...

Please email if you want anymore info...

Anonymous said...

hey rachel at what age you had this surgery plz email me at talpur.hiraharris.hira@gmail.com