Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday, from Jim.

Well, you've already heard from Rache, so I'll just add my .02.

Today, I figured out that if we removed a couple of the doors from the bathroom, and modified the walker so the wheels are on the inside of the frame, instead of the outside, Rache could make it from the bedroom to the bathroom mostly unassisted.

Triumph! So, I completed the above tasks, and it works just swell.

Our home isn't one of those fancy new places where all the interior doors are 36" wide and 8' tall, so we have to make adjustments! I'll be pleased if we end this entire journey without too many wheelchair gouged walls!

I bought Rache a couple of different "grabber things on a stick" last night. So she can grab things. At a slight distance. They're both kind of silly looking, but they do work. One of them is AS SEEN ON TV! ... So it must be good.

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Denise said...

Jim, you make me smile! Here's my POV to both of you. Those gouges on the doors and walls decorate my house from those weeks when Lauren was in the same predicament. And today I look at the damage and fondly remember those weeks and I celebrate that today she is pain-free. So love 'em gouges! They're the stuff that memories are made off
Great progress Rache. Keep hopping along!