Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday, late

Long day today. Rache was feeling pretty weak all day, if in decent spirits. She is getting around pretty well with aid of the walker, just not far. I think she's just really tired, and may have pushed herself too far yesterday, activity wise. Or, maybe she's fine, and just overall weak. I don't know hardly anything, just ask anyone.

Pete and I took some time to cause some trouble for the chipmunks burrowing under the corner of the fireplace / side patio area. 150lbs of cement grout should slow them down, the little jerks. Eat all the acorns and bird seed you like, but keep your distance from my foundation. Let that be a warning to everyone reading this. Even you.

Physical Therapist came by this evening (finally, after a full day of scheduling screwups,) and the woman checked Rache out on a few tasks. Little tests, I guess. Rache can get up out of her wheelchair, and onto the walker, and transfer from walker to the bed, with only assistance being someone to lift her bad leg. PT woman said she would teach her some tricks to do all this unaided, but mostly I think it's just time for the joint and leg to heal and strengthen. But again, I do not know much.

Just 4 to 6 weeks, and she'll be mostly mobile!

We had another satisfying and tasty "comfort food" dinner tonight, delivered personally by one of Rache's fine coworkers. Good folks, those fizzy-pop-types. I approve of her workplace, and not just for the random free beverages!

Rachel's parents were a little bewildered by the food arriving yesterday and today. So, I spent some time explaining why, particularly in the American south, food (often in casserole form!) shows up at people's homes at certain times... The past few days have reminded me of other anxious, tiring, and stressful times, and of the friends and family so eager to provide what they could, more often than not in delicious form. Many thanks.

Lassie! What is it?! Did Timmy fall in the well? SOMEBODY MAKE A GODDAMNED TUNA CASSEROLE, QUICK!

Regina!? Can you get a banana pudding going? We got sick people!

Somebody call Eva, she makes the best lime jello and marshmallow salad in three counties, and we are going to need GALLONS OF IT!

g'night. I'll get Rache to provide more interesting insights tomorrow.

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