Saturday, October 4, 2008

Let the Rain Fall....

Today marks one full week since my operation (well, the day after the ACTUAL op)

Got a call yesterday from Dr. Schrader checking in to see if I 'was still alive' :) he really has been great, and I'm so thankful to have had a surgeon as good as he is, right here in Atlanta. I really don't think I could fly to and from another state, like many of the other hip chicks have done to have their operations. Just knowing what I know now of the discomfort etc, the last thing I could handle would be a flight back home.

More flowers arrived. I think I'm now up to a count of 14 arrangements in all shapes and sizes. Absolutely beautiful and the house is filled with the scent of them as you walk in...

I had a very sweet visit yesterday from Linda (on my team). It was great to see another friendly (and always smiling face). She was delivering food - totally unexpected and a wonderful suprise. THANK YOU LINDA! you are 'salt of the earth'. By the way - if you're reading - Mom wan'ts the recipe!!

Yesterday didn't end so well, with me being sick - I think a combination of pain meds and an empty stomach...a few dry crackers later and I was fine...and then of course Linda's great casserole and I was set for bed.

I had decided to sleep on the couch last night (and for anybody that knows our couch will know that it's a GREAT place to sleep). I was having trouble with my back aching in the bed, so figured I would try the couch. I had a really good nights sleep with far less back pain, so I'm planning on doing that for the nights to come.

And the rain fell....

Today is the day I've read about in all the other hip chick blogs...the day that makes you feel human again, or as human as possible. The day you can't wait to arrive....SHOWER DAY.

Mom and I figured out a whole 'approach' as to how it was going to go down, and what we would need, where and when. Walker here, wheelchair there, shower seat this way etc. It was a success! I have to say that something as simple as water running across your body is something I've now realized is taken totally for granted. I can't explain (and the other hip chicks will know for sure) what it feels like to have hot water pouring down on you for the first time in 7 days...I found myself sitting and grinning like a child. One things for sure, I did NOT want to get out, but after about 15/20 mins of hot water blasting on me and two shampoos and conditioner, I figured it was about time.

Out, dried, dressed, moisturized, hair combed.....aahhhhh I'm Alive!

Going to start some of the PT exercises (they're pretty low impact) throughout the day today to get those muscles back working again. I find that my leg is moving a little more with each day, which is a good sign for sure.

One QUESTION to the hip chicks... Did you find that your GOOD leg (specifically your ankle and foot) swelled? I have these gorgeous TED hose on (which I know you all had to wear too) and when I took them off this AM for my shower, my good foot and ankle were elephant like! Not sure whether that's cause that's the foot that all my weight goes on or what, so If it happened to you and it's pretty normal, lemme know.

OK, I think I'll finish this entry now and may post another later today...since this one is already pretty long!


Lauren said...

Hi Rache
I didn't find that my foot and ankle swelled. If it continues I'd give Dr S. a call and I'm sure you'll hear from other hip chicks. Be aware of whether there is any heat in the region because of course blood clots are what you're trying to avoid. But water retention / swelling could just be from doing less movement. What I did find is that the skin on the op foot got really really super dry and cracked. I think it was from less circulation from not being used. I'm sure we're all different so I'll be interested to see what the others have to say. Remember you also have the message boards for quick answers to questions like this one.
Take care and hopefully if you're up for it I may schedule a visit for next week. Congrats on the shower it's a big milestone.

-D. said...

Congrats on the shower, I know it felt wonderful!!! As for the swelling, no I didn't have swelling in my good leg, although my good ankle was sore from compensating. Definitely call your OS just to be sure, and keep the ankle pumps going. Feel good!

Cass said...

My good leg swelled a bit at first, too. Mostly it was the op leg, though. Even up to eight weeks later (until I started walking on both legs again), I had people commenting that it was swollen and purple.