Sunday, October 5, 2008

A day of nothing....

No major updates today. Things are progressing as they should.

I had another good nights sleep last night on the couch.
Jim cooked a perfect dinner of steak, jacket potatoes and salad last night, after which he took Dad over to the Brick Store for a few pints and mom and I watched 'Deal or No Deal'... I think it was the latest I have been up since I had my op.

Took my pain meds at around midnight, and didn't wake up until 6.30am, when I took another single tablet. I'm feeling pretty good about the hours between paid meds. Dr. Schrader had said that whilst I had no reactions to them, I was sensitive to the medicine and so a lot was going a long way. I only take 1 tab each time, with 2 before I go to bed.

Spent some time this AM doing my PT moves, which are getting a little easier. My leg still feels like I have a 100lb weight hanging off it, but I can now begin to move it a little, which is encouraging.

Susan and Alan came visiting today, as did Sean, who came with another tasty meal in hand for this evening - Lasagne. Needless to say, my appetite is quickly returning.

Jim and Dad have been busy today working on the wall in our garden and 'filling' up holes. Dad is going to work on getting it looking a little more decent whilst he's here and I've asked he and mom to pick out some plants to edge it with, so that should make it a little more pleasant to look at.

I still have a swollen ankle and foot on my good leg, but I'm not too concerned. This is the same ankle and foot that swells when I take a flight, or spend too long in high heels on a hot evening.. I'm just gonna keep an eye on it, and keep it raised up when I can, plus I think the TED hose make it look far worse than it is - given that these things could squeeze water from stone!

PT are scheduled for 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks, starting tomorrow at 9am, which means I'll have to be up and alert for their arrival - yawn.

That's it folks for today's update - no major happenings.

I'm hoping to maybe make it outside tomorrow for some period of time. We have our new patio furniture which I'm thinking I'll be able to get pretty comfortable on - I just have to wrangle with the 2 steps to get down there and back...we shall see!

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JBB said...

Hello Rachel,
Happy to hear you're doing better. pleased to see you're back home and slowly returning to normal life. Asked Linda to organize a team visit to come to see u but understand this might be too early. Let us know when you feel better and when it's best time for the team to come to pay you a visit.
Stay well,