Wednesday, July 9, 2008

hey-o, 11 weeks to go...

Not really in major countdown mode yet, but I am concious that time is passing, especially with the recent booking of flights to England for my brothers wedding (22nd August).

Needless to say that once that has been and gone, I'll be down to 4 weeks...and I know that will be here before I know it.

On the pain front, things are holding up....kinda.

I had a pretty stellar day on 4th: We decided we were going to check out our neighborhood 4th July parade, which is pretty much where the elementary school takes to their bikes, trikes and anything else and follows a small band and a firetruck down a few roads in our neighborhood, ending at the neighborhood pool, with popsicles for all!!

The stellar part here is that we decided to 'wander' to see it 4 minutes before it started. Now any 'normal' person would set out on a fair paced walk and gotten there with time to spare since the walk was approximately .6 miles and google says you can do it in 2 mins (thanks google maps!) however I have to say I was pretty chuffed with myself for making it there with no pain or limp - IN TIME and before the arrival of the fire truck!! incredible.

This is NOT a normal day in the life of my hip, but for some reason that day, it was on top form!! (pretty sad that a 4 minute walk should seem like some form of accomplishment, but hip chicks will understand all too well).

The last few nights have been pretty rotten. Harsh pain in my hip, followed by shooting pains down the left leg and no real comfortable position to be had.
The throw pillow on our bed has now become the 'prop your leg up at night' pillow and offers some relief, but I feel another solution may be needed before too long.

I'm holding out on any real 'pain killers' since I know I'll take my fair share after the operation, so for now, a dose of 4 advil (prescription strength) will see me through.

Some days are great...I feel like I could run a marathon.
Some days are really crappy...I feel like I can barely walk two steps.

and that's about where we stand as of now...
I'll continue to count down, and hope you will with me :)


Anonymous said...

Rachel dear,
You really shouldn't compare before to after. If you are in pain now take the meds. Because after is different. The two are not connected. Taking pain medication now is not going to make after less effective. But I will tell you this all in person when I see next you next. What I can say is what helped me before surgery is heat. I have a wheat bag that you heat in the microwave and placing over my hip gave me relief. So if you're interested in that idea but can't find a wheat bag - I am happy to lend you mine. It saved my life - so to speak. Hope to see you soon and I know that you will be so ready for the surgery when your day comes.

Sam said...

Hey Rachel!

I'm definitely with Lauren on this one...if you are feeling pain, take whatever medicine you have to help. If you feel more comfortable with advil, then a nice long bath or heating pad is great. I also found that a pillow between the knees while sleeping on my side helped the pain, as did stretching in the morning and afternoon.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!