Monday, June 2, 2008

Start your engines....3 2 1

We have lift off!!

I received confirmation from Dr. Schrader that my scan results are great, cartilage looks good, and we are a GO for surgery!

I have to say, that it feels a little weird being so excited about the prospect of surgery, but knowing that the only thing standing in between me having the surgery or having to live with the pain for ...well, who knows when, was my cartilage.

When Dr. Schrader informed me that the cartilage was good, and that we are a GO for was a great moment of relief.

So, now I can sit back and count down the days.

Schrader doesn't need to see me until a week before the surgery (26th September), so I guess I just relax, enjoy my summer, and post again when I have an update :)


1 comment:

mom said...

Thats good news rache that everything is in good shape,as you say just relax now & take it easy,see you soon