Saturday, May 17, 2008

So an update from yesterday. Scan Day.

As planned we (me and hubby) showed up at Northside at 7.30am to get checked in and ready for the appointment at 8am. We sailed through main admissions, got my medical wristband and made our way down to the radiology department.

After filling out a number of forms (although not too many this time since I was already in their system from the botch-up before!) we proceeded to wait...

"Mrs Cain" the nice lady at the desk called....I made my way over..."Do you have a work order from your doctor for the MRI?", to which I replied "No". "Ok, no problem thanks".

I return to my waiting position.

A few minutes go by...

"Mrs Cain" she calls again. "when the phone on that desk rings, pick it's the radiology technician and they want to speak with you".

Now, at this point I'm starting to feel a little 'oh no....not again...if this happens again, i'll' "RING RING" "RING RING"

'Hello Mrs. Cain, do you have a work order from your doctor for the MRI?"
"Hmm, well we have what we need for the Arthogram with Dr. Feiner, but nothing on the MRI"
"OK...well I was assured that all of this was taken care of"
"Do you have your doctors telephone number so that we can call him?"
"Yes, I'll get it, hold on"
"OK great, we'll give him a call now and get what we need to start"
"OK, thanks, bye"

10 minutes later 2 radiology guys show up, and I'm whisked away....

The rest is pretty much un-interesting.
My morning went like this:

MRI > CT Scan > Arthrogram > MRI > done.

We left at around 11.45 which didn't seem to bad, and once I finally got down there and into my non-slip socks, I went from one machine to another like clockwork.

What I will say is that Dr. Feiner was awesome... funny, upbeat and spoke to me the whole time throughout the arthogram, which I have to say was pretty uncomfortable. He also did a great job of explaining everthing, how it might feel when it's happening, what I might feel when it's done...Very strange sensations when the dye is going in, and of course that blasted 'bee sting' to start always seems to be the worst ever!

I left clutching my MRI charts, Dr Feiner is 'deconstructing' the other charts and sending them directly to Shrader, so I guess I should call his office or set up an appointment over the next week or so....

So, success!! we can all breathe a sigh of relief, and move to the next stage :)

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