Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We have a date!

Surgery date is confirmed.

Friday September 26th.....Mom's birthday!
So, we're locked and loaded for that date, and can begin the countdown.


mom said...

Great Birthday Pressie Rache!!not to worry we will be with you come what may .

MY PAO STORY said...

I had RPAO 9 weeks ago in Boston with Dr Millis. I am using a cane (most of the time). I wish I had started my blog earlier (I started it a month into recovery). Good luck with all of your pre-op appts, mri's, ct scans, x-rays.....!!

Cassie said...

Hi Rachel,
Just wanted to tell you that I'm following your blog. I've had six months to prepare for my surgery, so I know how you're going to feel in about three months, and again in five months, as you wait: utterly impatient! Glad you got the the date set. Lots of luck to you!