Saturday, April 19, 2008

No News is......well no news

Not much of an update really, other than to say that I haven't heard anything yet from Dr. Schraders office on the 'try again' for the MRI and CT scans.

Of course, with the surgery not being until the end of September, there's plenty of time (according to Dr. S) to get them done, so no anxiety here.

One thing I have noticed however is that I think my 'good for 2 hours before the pain sets in' is on the decline. I know Sam told me that by the time she was a week away from surgery, she was pretty much down to 1o minutes and then WHAMO...the pain.

I can see a similar picture beginning to unfold before me. I do try and limit my walking for sure, but just walking around at the office is starting to take a toll.

If I'm down to 10 minutes walking when the time for my surgery comes, I'll be fine with that... I'm just not so sure I want to decline to that in the next month!

I do have a question for all the other 'hip gals' out there...

Q: what type of strengthening excercises did you do in the months prior to get the muscles strong in your legs?


Hip Chick said...

Hi Rachel,

I did a lot of reformer (not mat)Pilates before my surgery. I also did what I call "Pilates push ups" which is basically just holding yourself in a plank pose with your elbows, forearms and palms on the floor. I did those mostly to building up my upper arm strength for crutching, but found it helped my legs as well.


MY PAO STORY said...

I honestly did no "strengthening" exercises. I was still walking everyday and doing the elliptical machine. I was limping of course by the end of my walks - but still doing it! I did do all of my leg exercises after my PAO. I am now 12 weeks out - and using no cane and walking with a slight limp.

Sam said...

Spin class...go to spin class at your local gym. Nothing strengthens your legs and butt like cycling your heart out. If you are into yoga that is good as well. I would limit walking so that you keep your cartilage in good shape prior to the surgery. If you are a swimmer, that is another great exercise to get your arms ready for crutches.

Also, the butt pain doesn't seem to be that same sciatic pain prior to surgery. It is almost a dull ache and then a sharp searing pain but all of that is centralized in my rear...very odd!

And lastly...I am about 9 weeks post-PAO and I've been off crutches for a week and skipped the cane. I have a limp and can't walk long distances, but it's encouraging to say the least!!

Lauren said...

I cycled and did the eliptical. Both were non-jarring and good for the joint. It got to the point were cycling felt better than the eliptical i.e. sittign vs standing. But really I would suggest working on your arms the most. The time I spent getting stronger was invaluable. Think shoulders and triceps. You will use your arms to get in and out of bed, crutches, general maneuvering,in and out of chairs. Knowing you can trust your arms is a big plus.