Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ha HA...April Fools!!

...and the events of today, truly lived up to that...

As planned, I left work around 11:15 to go pick up Jim (hubby) from his office so we could get up to Northside for 12:00. The appointment was for 12:30, but they asked me to get there 30 minutes early for registration, preparation etc.

The location provided was 5444 Meridian Marks Road, Suite 450.
Having been to see Dr. Schrader a couple of times now, I knew he was in 5445 Meridian Marks Road - so figured it was close! We headed up there in good time, only to find that there IS no 5444... so, I finally got on the phone and called the people who called me for the appointment. "Oh, we're in 5445... somebody must have given you the wrong address".

....and so it begins.

We park, and head up to suite 450.

The kind lady at the desk checked us in and proceeded to give me all the forms I needed to complete (even though I had done a pre-registration the day before on the phone??). Nevertheless, I completed all the forms and handed them back.

Next, another nurse came out and said, "so, you're having an MRI AND CT today?" - to which I replied "Yes". She then asked "I know what the CT is for, but what about the MRI...is it on your leg?" It's at this point that I'm starting to wonder if they even know why I'm there...

We sit back down and wait a little longer.

A different nurse then comes to collect us and takes us around to the MRI waiting area - where there's a TV, some chairs and lockers. This is where Jim will wait the 2+ hours...it's not so great, but Sanford and Son were on...followed by Family Feud...he was happy enough :)

We wait.

The same nurse then comes back and says "OK, we're still trying to figure out some things regarding the MRI, we're not sure if you'll have it today, but while we're figuring that out, let's go ahead and get you changed and we'll do the CT scan first".

So, I change into the wonderful backless gowns (I did get lucky with 2 gowns so that I could turn the other one around and where it as a nightgown!), and get my non-slip socks on. I'm ready!

We wait.
We watch a couple more Family Feud's..

"Name the top facts about trolls:"
1: they live under bridges
2: they're ugly
3: they have crazy hair
4: they are short
5: they are not real
6: they are mean

more importantly, the facts do not include that they have warts and they are smelly (much to my protest!)

The nurse re-appears. "I apologize...we haven't forgotten about you... we're just trying to get some more information from the doctor on the protocols he needs for the scans. We have our technician calling the doctor to find out a bit more".

More Family Feud...

Now the technician appears saying "I'm really sorry, but I've spoken to about 4 different people to find out about the scan protocols the doctor is asking for, and we're still not exactly clear on what's needed". To which I reply "well, you know that my doctor is just 2 floors downstairs...it might be easier to just go speak to him directly to find out what he needs you to do". "Ah really, ok, I'll go down and talk to him".

At this point the time is now 2:15...I've been sitting in my gown and socks for over an hour...

10 or so minutes later and the technician shows up, not looking terribly positive.

"I'm really sorry about this but you're not going to have your MRI and CT today, the doctor has cancelled it because he needs specific 'protocols' and we can't do them here".


"Sorry about the time wasted, have a parking validation ticket!" as he hands over a little sticker.
"The doctor says you can go down and speak to him directly on the situation and why it was cancelled".

So, back into the changing room, out of the gown and socks, get dressed and head down to the second floor to see Dr. Schrader.

We wait about 15 minutes and finally get to see Dr. Schrader. and this is the funny part....

Dr. Schrader (upon seeing us) says "oh, were you so frustrated that you wanted to come down and shout at me"....to which we responded "huh? the technician upstairs told us that YOU told us to come down and speak to you"...

Don't you LOVE the flow of communication????

Anyhow, as it turns out, one of the nurses in Schrader's office had made an appointment with the regular radiology place that he uses, only to find that it's closed...with no forwarding address - so she just booked it with a closer one (in their building) I guess assuming that anybody could do the 'protocols' that Dr. Schrader needed.

Dr. Schrader didn't find out the other place was closed until 12:30 that day, when the nurses upstairs called saying "urm...what are we doing with this patient".

So long story short, NO MRI, NO CT scan and Dr. Schrader now has to go research/locate another place that can do it, but has a gut feeling that it might be either Piedmont or Emory.

We'll wait to hear from him on that!

All in all, a day of waiting, watching, wearing non-slip socks and generally being the April Fool!

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Anonymous said...

Rachel from experience I can tell you none of this really goes too smoothly but I think you take the prize for having to wait for nothing. I had mine done at Piedmont Hospital and can give you plenty of info on all of that especially how to get the results to Schrader because that was an ordeal. Hang in there! I can promise you that when it comes to the actual surgery Dr. Schrader knows what he is doing. As for everyone else you'll have to explain what he did to you over and over again. I suggest a pop up picture book or merely a pre-recorded tape. It will beat having to repeat yourself until you are blue in the face. Well at least you have time (until August) to get the MRI & CT right although I'd imagine you'll be yelling just cut me already by then. Call if you need me. Happy April Fools.