Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sleep just got sweeter....

I can't believe another week has gone by. Ugh.

Yeah, yeah, I know you're wondering why a week going by in my current state would warrant a "ugh"...

Here's why:

a) It was a week ago today that I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my sister, Becky, from the motherland. And now here I am, having just waived goodbye to her :( it never seems like there's enough time, and even though we had a blast and spent everyday together, it's always too Ugh!

b) A week has gone by and I STILL haven't burned those bloody stockings!!! Something Becky and I had planned to do, with Jim being the flame thrower.

C) Another week has slipped by without a blog update. I feel less 'ugh' about this one, as I have a few 'milestones' that I can now tell you about...

So, onward and upward...

Per the title of this post, sleep has gotten that much sweeter over the last week, with me now being able to FINALLY lay on my stomach - HOORAY!! which means that now I can lay on my back, non-op side and stomach...I really haven't even attempted to lay on my operated side yet, primarily because it's still tender (go figure!) but I may give it a whirl in the next week or so.

I'm just jazzed that gone are the days are where I have to spend the entire night laying perfectly still on my back, and waking up with THE BEST bed head ever known to man.

Let's see, what other turning points have taken place this week...

Socks and Shoes:
I've managed on more than one ocassion now (so I know it's not a fluke!) to pull on socks (WITHOUT a grabber I might add), AND, tie my own shoe laces. Yes, for those able-bodied people, I know it all sounds very silly, but it's amazing how BIG these small things matter.

Cooking on Crutches:
Well, not in the food sense, but speed. I think i've found my groove with the crutches and can move at a pretty peppy pace (I think crutching around the mall for almost 8 hours in one stint with my sis may have given me all the practice I needed!)

My Leg is working again...well almost:
I think this has been the biggest point of frustration for me. Whilst my leg works fine and dandy from the knee down, I have not really been able to lift it under it's own weight until this week. Which basically means that in order for me to lift it, I have to physically grab it with both hands and move it. Not fun.

However, this week it has become more, shall we say 'mobile'.
I can now whilst seated, lift my thigh (no hands!) almost 2" off the couch. It's not a lot, and I wish it were much more, but I also know and understand the reasons why. My PT told me that it takes a full 6 weeks for the quad muscle (which was detached during surgery) to lay down enough scar tissue to where you can even think about moving it. So, I'm right at the 6 week mark - hence it's started to move under it's own power!!

I have my 7 week follow up with Dr. Schrader next Tuesday, so I'm excited to see the Xray and how the bone has started to fuse, in addition hopefully with him telling me that I can now start to put weight on my left leg.

Well, that's all the update I have for now...of course, as SOON as the stockings have met their doom, I will post again, in addition to posting after my meeting with Dr. Schrader on Tuesday.

Over and out.

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big sis said...

good luck for tomorrow Rache, I'll call you and get the low down, what time is your appointment ? X x