Tuesday, November 18, 2008

farewell left crutch...I won't miss you

That's right, as of this morning, I have the official go ahead to start bearing weight, and to lose the left crutch...WOOOOHOOOOOOO - I'm JAZZED!

Dr. Schrader, after looking at the XRAY and prodding here and there told me all the things I wanted to hear:

a) I could drop to one crutch
b) The bone is fusing back together in all the right spots
c) I can DRIVE!! (no longer a prisoner in my own home!)

In addition, he told me that I could start to do some more 'serious' excercises on my left leg, straight leg lifts, side lifts etc., and that it was time now to start to build the muscle back (since the bone is nicely under way!)
The last bit of good news is that I can ditch the crutches altogether in 4 weeks time!!!! at which time I can also start back on the exercise bike or eliptical machines...

So here's what we've waited 7 1/2 weeks for...


On the Outside: The scar is healing really well, and I'm now massaging Bio oil into it twice a day (thanks to Sis who brought me a bottle over from Blighty!)

On the Inside:

I'm feeling GREAT!!

I know I still have a long way to go, and Dr. Schrader did say that for some time until the muscle is fully back to normal, that I would probably have a pronounced 'waddle' to my walk - but I know what I have to do, and I'd rather have a waddle and be able to do something about it, than to be back where I was 7 weeks ago and in pain.

Many, many, many thanks to Dr. Schrader who is an absolute STAR.
He has given me my life back with this operation, and I can't begin to thank him enough.

Thanks also to my entire family who have showered, dressed, fed and watered me through the tough and groggy times... I couldn't have gotten this far without you xx

So, onward and upward... :)


Mom said...

Rache to have you as a Daughter & who needed us at a very scarey time in your life ...we would go to the end of the world to be with you & look after you.

As Dad would say
"God Bless you"

Love you

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel

Congratulations on your fantastic progress in just 7 weeks, I think we need to call you "Mrs Persistence" for the grand progress you have made - enjoy. Well Done, Love to you both - Val xx

Anonymous said...

Great news Rachel. Having just celebrated a year it is really amazing how quickly time passes once you get to this stage. Glad to hear everything is healing as it should.

Cass said...

Fantastic news, Rachel! Isn't it exhilarating to be at this point? Congrats on all your progress; you are a star!

abnacy said...

Hey Rachel!
So how's it going on 1 crutch? I got the go ahead this week to start PT and wean off of crutches... any advice?
Enjoy driving and getting back to normal!!


Anonymous said...

Rachel, I need you and the other "hip" chicks! I was born with hip dysplasia but it remained undiagnosed until I was about 29. My hip showed off through other things, like three knee surgeries, back surgery,etc until my final knee surgery which was a knee re-alignment. That is when the muscle started to rub against dysplastic hip and well, the pain is horrific. I had a surgery to "clean" it up but I see the surgeon monday...I know a replacement is inevitable but I need some people who understand! I'd love to share this journey with you! I'm on facebook. April from Oklahoma City.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel!
Dr. Schrader sent me your blog today. I have been living for too long with pain, and am scheduling my MRI tomorrow to see if PAO is an option for me! I am really scared and also very excited at the same time. Your blog really is helping me make my decision and to know what to expect. Thank you so much! I would love to talk; I have so many questions. Feel free to email me...My name is Jennifer and my email is jborkat@bellsouth.net

Mary said...

I am not even sure if this is still an active Blog, but here goes. This morning I finally decided to research what I have been afraid to face, that my hip dysplasia as an infant has come back to haunt me as an adult. I have been an active athlete right up until this year, my 44th birthday, but suddenly things like putting my sock on, walking without my leg giving way have made me consider the possiblity that my hip is in need of help. I was on one site this morning and saw your blog. The part that caught my eye was about the sock grabber. I guess I just felt like over the last year I was losing my flexibility on that side due to the long term affects of my dysplasis as a child. I guess I am reaching out today to see where to start, an X-ray with my doctor? I am scared, I guess after having had this surgery as a 2 year old and being in a body cast for a year and a walking brace, I am afraid of what the future may hold. I am still very active and don't want that to end.....Help!
Mary Petteys

Sydney said...

Hey Rachel, I've been recommended for a PAO, and have an appointment with Dr. Schrader in April. Thank you for your blog - it is so helpful! I was wondering how you feel now? Do you feel 100%??