Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!

Saturday night was pretty uneventful. Rache got some sleep, and watched a little TV. Lee and I had dinner at Cakes & Ale, and watched some TV.

This morning, we arrived back at her room around 8:45 to find Rache awake, smiling a bit, and having consumed a banana for breakfast. And some apple juice.

Dr. Schrader has been by already this morning to remove the dressing from her wound and remove the drains. Everything is good there. Moving today away from the pump for pain medication to some tablets. Rache doesn't like the other stuff because it makes her too drowsy.

Sometime later today, the Physical Therapy folks are coming by to see if she can get up for a while. That should be quite an event.

Yesterday, Rachel wanted to move in the bed some, to be more comfortable. The nurses valiantly tried to help her roll over a bit to adjust her back, but the pain was too much, and Rache apologetically asked them to stop.

About 2 hours later, still uncomfortable and now really annoyed with it, Rache decided to try again. Lee and I moved the pillows, but she just hauled herself around the bed with her good leg and her arms on the overhead bar they provide for just such a thing. Way to go, Rache! Determined, as always, and successful at what she tries.

More flowers last night, these from Lee and Jenny.


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Anonymous said...

You go girl! Keep up the good work - soon you willbe home.