Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Afternoon...

Lee and I went to get some lunch, and stopped at Lowe's to look for a new pump for the fountain. They have Christmas stuff out. Great. I want to get some new ornaments for the tree ASAP!


Rache is doing pretty well, in my medical opinion. Pretty strong pain, naturally, but also discomfort with her back from laying around. Other than that, she has been deemed a very healthy person, aside from the surgery! I'm very proud of her. I wouldn't endure any of this, that's for certain.

Dr. Schrader was by earlier, and indicated all is well so far. Blood tests are good, no sign of anemia, etc. He's coming by again tomorrow, and the drains will probably be removed then, and the Physical Therapists will try to get Rache up and around a bit if possible. Big day.

More flowers today!


This picture turned out pretty dark; they're from Aunt and Unk down in Florida.



And, more flowers, these from the Arnette clan.


Note my use dazzling advanced formatting in the post today. To quote The Monarch... "I have been BLOGGING!!" 


Alexandra said...

Just a note to say we are all thinking of you. Looking forward to seeing you and your limp in a few weeks time. Alex, Fon, Val, Mom and Dad Xxxx

Denise said...

Hey Lady - You made it.!!! All the waiting is now behind you and you can now concentrate on healing. Sooner than you think you will be taking on the Malls for hours on end and bustling through the halls of Coke - pain free. A great end goal!
Hope to see you real soon
xx D