Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday / Tuesday overnight update





Big sis said...

Ok Jim this could mean a couple if things........either you and Lee had far too many beers last night and are all 'tanked' up, or Rache was 'fuel' injected last night and shes speeding around like a mad woman! I think the 1st is more likely!!!
Well your 1st lot of visitors from England are arriving today Rache, Mom & Dad are on their way and looking forward to seeing you and helping you to the road to recovery.
Speak to you later xx

Jim said...

It's far more boring than that. Atlanta is having a "gas shortage" attributed to recent hurricanes in the gulf, and morons. Buying gas has been a pain. So, late last night, Lee and I found some, and those are pictures of the fuel gauges on 3 of the cars!


Hi Rache, well you are over the first hurdle and sounds as if each day is a day closer to full recovery keep up the good work, I expect you are looking forward to seeing your mom and dad. I am reading blog daily following your progress. love and best wishes Aunty Janine and rest of family xxxx