Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday PM update

Another venture UP, and some additional pain for the trouble. But, it's getting better each time. Just going to take time and practice!

Great news! More flowers!

09-29-08_1657 09-29-08_1658

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Denise said...

Was so good to see you today on the other side of the dreaded surgery! And to notice a hint of pink in your cheeks. I so appreciate how very difficult it is getting out of bed, standing, and taking those first few steps - but you did it!! Tomorrow you'll take a few more and soon you'll be more aware of the amazing progress you are making - one step at a time. Just know that the worst 4 days are behind you. Thank god
Also you scar is going to be invisible even in the briefest of bikinis. That's damn good news, doll. By next summer you will once again be the sexiest number on the beach :-)
Lauren and I congratulate you on the courage and grace you are bringing to this hipalong journey