Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm FREE.....and have transportable TEA!

Well, it's been a long five weeks, but I am finally FREE of the Lovinox injections and the awful TED stockings. WOOHOO! Whilst doing the injections was not really so bad, the thought that I no longer have that looming over me each evening is a very pleasant one! As for the stockings, I feel those may be subject to a ceremonial burning this weekend :) Of course, any stocking burning will be photographed and posted here for your viewing!

Other things since my last post..

Fon and Alex departed last night :( after a fab two weeks with them. It was so good to just hang out and have some quality time with my bro and sis-in-law for a couple of weeks. Seems kind of strange sitting here at the moment, knowing that there's nobody here... I've had family here since the day I got out of surgery and now there's a quiet time. Until of course next week, when my sis shows up from Blighty! That should be fun and I'm looking forward to her being here.

I'm now on to knitting my 5th Scarf! Don't ask me what I'm going to do with them all! Needless to say, family and friends may be getting a winter wooly for christmas! :) I still have a ton of books to read, but I'm still not sure I'm 'in the mood' to read...knitting is pretty mindless and doesn't require a lot of concentration (at least scarf knitting anyhow!). We'll see. Perhaps I'll pick one up this weekend.

So, on to the tea. For those that know me, will know I enjoy a cuppa or two throughout the day. This has of course not really been a problem since I've had my fantastic hubby and family around to make and deliver to me. That said, the one time when I decided I would make one for myself (everybody was out) I quickly figured out that whilst I could make it...I had no way of getting it back to the couch, since both of my hands were holding the crutches!

So, yesterday, knowing that things would be getting a little desperate for me with nobody here, we ventured out to REI and picked up the perfect cup!.. It's insulated of course, which helps, but the top screws on with a tight seal as does the spout. So a trial run this morning is a proven success. I can pretty much hold the handle and my crutches so that the cup is horizontal, with ZERO drips. Perfect! So, for anybody out there with the same beverage dilemna, I would recommend this one - primarily because the top screws down, vs. just pushing it on, like some of the other 'travel' cups.

We had a nice visit yesterday from Jim's family, on their way up to Murphy, NC. 4 Adults and 3 dogs (two of which could be classed as adults - they are LARGE chocolate labs!) It was great to see them and hang out for a little while, whilst the men loaded up the trailer with family furniture, on it's way up to Murphy to furnish the house there.

That's about it for an update. I'm progressing pretty well, continuing with my exercises, and just looking forward to my next appt. with Dr. Schrader where hopefully he'll give me the all clear to start bearing weight...we shall see!



the girl said...

How clever!

I am so glad I never had to wear those stockings. They sound horrid.

Rachel said...

I guess they wouldn't be so bad if you only had to wear them now and then, but the fact that you have to wear them pretty much all day and all night every day for 4 weeks (apart from an hour or two when showering) is what makes it bad. They are TIGHTer than tight, they go up to your thigh, and are generally not great - thank your lucky stars you didn't get them!

Hope your recovery is going great - I'm keeping up with your blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm back from my trip and will give you a call in the next few days to check in. In the mean time the crutch pockets that I bought were invaluable. Check out:
They are a big help in being able to carry your cellphone, keys, wallet, beverage etc around with you while both hands are busy on crutches. I'd recommend getting one for each crutch. That's it from me. Congrats on no more lovenox or TEDs. That's a big milestone.

Rachel said...

yeah, looked at the crutch buddies, but since my crutches are set up differently, I don't think they will work because the handles are totally different..I have a little bag for keys, phone, wallet etc., so I'm set's just the TEA :)

abnacy said...

Hey Rach,
That's awesome, I'll have to find some of my thermos' and see if they screw on like that! Glad you're doing well, can't wait to hear about your next appt.
I think I'm gonna try my crutches again later, almost ready :)
Take care,