Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday evening...

Just left Rache to rest for the evening. She ate some dinner, and is quite relaxed and probably pleased with her own day. Eating, standing, off all the IV's and the medication pump.

The oral percocet seems to be working well for her, managing the pain without quite as much drowsiness. Huzzah!

So, now Lee and I are (with Alan, but not Susan, because she doesn't like us) at the Brickstore enjoying a pleasant beverage. And Alan is mocking me for BLOGGING!


Susan said...

That's right, I don't like you Jim, but I like Rache ;) Thanks for letting us stop by for a short visit. Rache - you had a big day and sounds like tomorrow will be even bigger with more standing/walking. Sweet dreams tonight!

Jonathan said...

Jim, good to see you are using your "free" time wisely - well what's a guy supposed to do! DRINK.

glad to hear me' sis is doing good, keep blogging!!

Mom said...

Be with you soon,reading every blog Jim posts.
Pleased to hear the tabs are working on the pain & not long to wait now till you are home & back in your comfy bed.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up Rachel! wish you best!
Alejandro F