Saturday, September 20, 2008

Destination: Mall

So, it's a Saturday, and I like nothing more than to visit the mall on this day.
I guess it's always what we did when we were growing up and I've never really outgrown it. Saturday was the day we went 'down town'.

And today shall be no different. In fact today, I plan to carry my little hip around that mall until I can carry it no more! One good last shopping day for a while, I'm thinking, since how much shopping can you really do on crutches!?!?

I have specific things I need to pick it wont be the wandering into every store like the good ole' days, but I do plan to spend a couple of hours for sure.

Pretty much wrapped up all the 'medical' stuff before my op. Had the pre-op assessment interview with Northside which took all of 30 mins and was conducted by a very softly spoken and calming nurse. One thing that really gave me a lift in my day is finding out that I can wear nail polish for the surgery!!!! Which, for anybody that knows me will know i LOVE my nail polish. Never a day without it, toes and this was VERY exciting for me since I had just assumed, like the good ole days that the surgeon needed to be able to see your nails in case of a color change....

Got my blood work done, and was presented with a red hospital bracelet which I'm supposed to wear from the time I had my appointment (Thurs) until I go into surgery. Why? apparently that bracelet is the only thing that connects me to the 2 units of blood that will be on standby, and you bascially have to fill out a form that says if you lose, or do not have it on you at the time of surgery you will be subject to costs. Needless to say, it's really big on my wrist, so I slipped it off and have it ready to go next to a bag I will take with me next Friday morning.

Other things this week....

My new swanky DELL laptop arrived that Hubby Jim got for we've been surfing the web from the couch, which is cool. I have the blog loaded and ready to roll, I just need to find out from Northside if they have wireless access or if we need to buy a 3G card...

I have decided to take next Thursday off from work. Rita, my cube neighbor and great colleague convinced me to 'have a day to chill'. And whilst I was originally planning to take half day on Thursday, I'm now just taking the full day. I don't want to be stressing about trying to get stuff done at work, and then not feeling like I've had time to relax etc. So THANKS Rita for the talked me into it!

OK, that about wraps it up.
I'm certain I'll post again before the main event, probably on Thursday to share some pre-op jitters with you all :)


Joey said...

Yes, Northside has wireless access, at least in the Women's Center.

Worst case, you can setup your blogger account to send in updates to a custom email addy (eg

You can send text, pics, anything - all from that iPhone, right?? Via the BlackBerry is the only way we update our blog.

Good Luck!!

Cass said...

Hey Rachel,
Can't believe your surgery is this week. Just wanted to let you know I'm sending positive vibes your way. Enjoy your day off Thursday; you'll be glad you took the whole day off. Sounds like you're ready to go; you'll do great!

-D. said...

Good Luck Rachel, you'll be so glad to be on the other side!!

richmond said...

hi rachel
this is just to say good luck for tomorrow,we're all thinking of you. I'm sure you'll soon be up and running x love lin.roy