Friday, September 26, 2008

And going, and going....

Still going. 11:45.


Anonymous said...

I am sure she will be out shortly. PAO usually takes 4-5 but I am sure it feels like an eternity to the family waiting. It's the easiest part for the patient because we get to sleep through the whole thing. Thank you for updating us. I am sure there are a number of people waiting on news. Also I would love to send or bring flowers so let us know in a few days when she is receiving visitors.

Big Sis said...

hopefully not long to go now, keep your 'pecker' up (head that is!!).
And hopefully speak to you later.
Give her a kiss from us when she comes round.
Becky xx

Mom said...

so glad she is now out of the operating room & in recovery,won't be long now till you can be by her side.
Love & kisses to her

Mom & Dad

Dee Dee said...

Dear Rachel,

You are the only person on this earth that I know who can make a hospital gown look FABULOUS! You go girl! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Lindsay sends lot of hugs and kisses to you as well!

Dee Dee