Friday, March 21, 2008

Back from L.A...oh la

So, I've just returned from a couple of days out in sunny L.A, on a work project.

Spent two days talking to weird and wonderful people - all part of the job and task at hand, however through that, I've returned feeling totally unfit, and...yes, old.

Most of the women we spoke to were in their mid-late 20's. Now, i'm under no illusion that L.A and hollywood is the place of extremes, with most of the women working out every day, and drinking as much water as their tiny tummies would take, but still.

Talking to them made me realize that the last 12 months (since my hip pain started) has seen a pretty significant decline in my overall fitness. Me and hubby used to take strolls, nay 'power walks' around our neighborhood, but I just can't hack it anymore. 2 hours of any type of walking and I'm done.

Anyhow, the final straw being when I departed the aircraft last night in terminal B (Atlanta Hartsfield). I'd flown back first class, so was off the airplane lightning fast, however with a pretty impressive limp setting in fast - everybody was flying past me even those almost 40 years my senior - to the point where I was last to make it to the train and may as well have sat at the back of the plane!

Oh well...things will improve. Of that i'm sure.
I'm off to Pilates tomorrow morning to try and kick-start some hip-friendly exercise.


mom said...

Hey Rache,keep your chin up, it must be frustrating for you,but look on the bright side... next year you will be in the front of the queue & passing all the 20 year olds & the 40 year olds will be knowhere to be seen.


Hip Chick said...

Hi Rachel,

I just came across your blog. I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia last November after enduring years of pain. I had been misdiagnosed with ligament laxity and had tried chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, and a year of PT with no results. I finally went to a hip specialist and learned what was the real cause of the pain.

I'm now a little over 5 weeks post operative(FDO)and I feel great. I'll be weight bearing in another week or so and starting PT soon. I have no regrets and I'm looking forward to getting back to being the "fastest off of the plane" as I once was too.

There are a lot of us out there to help support you along the way.

Best regards,

Denise said...

So glad you've joined the world of hip chick blogging! Lauren and I have met such sensational people through this network, although it is a pretty drastic way to make new friends:-) It still astounds me that so few in the medical profession correctly diagnose and treat hip dysplasia. So when one becomes an inhabitant of this murky terrain, the support from the world of blogging is invaluable. It's so cool to have this real and virtual world of cheer leaders, for the good and the bad times.
Here's wishing you many years of speed walking in your near future